Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Prospecting! WWE Style!

I decided to try one of these mini-boxes on the cheap. NXT can sorta be described as the minor league affiliate of the WWE, mainly because I really can't think of a more appropriate analogy.
The pack had 3 base cards, a mix of those who started their WWE careers in NXT, and those who had yet to make their debut on the main shows. NWJ has conga lined himself to Monday Night Raw, so he might be a future Called Up card.
I'm not sure if the parallels are 1 per mini-box, but I also landed this bronze parallel of the equally charismatic and talented Nakamura.
Maybe this box should have been sent to Japan as opposed to Ontario, as both of the big cards in the box would fit nicely into the collection of a collector across the Pacific. For as successful as Nakamura has been, Itami hasn't come close to that level, as the injury bug took bites from him. But, he has been seen on the cruiserweight themed 205 Live lately, so it isn't a total wash.

There you have it!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Too Many 2/14s!

You should know what that title means - an envelope from Dennis @ Too Many Verlanders/Manninghams packed full of 2/14 goodies.
The volume in this package went for the football side, but there were a handful for other sections in the binder. Richard Hamilton gets his 60th and 61st card with these two.
After all the Hejduk cards yesterday, Marian Gaborik needs to start working his way back to take the lead in the hockey portion. He's now 16 cards behind Hejduk with 167.
These four get grouped together because they were the only cards of these players in the envelope. While my favourite should be that Jim Kelly dog tag/card, I always love when the design includes the team's logo in the background. So, Clowney wins this one.
3 cards of a guy who has thrown as many NFL game passes as I have. Looking at the Jets depth chart, he's probably holding a lot of clipboard in 2018.
New Bledsoes are highlighted by a hit that includes a piece of Veterans Stadium turf. I'd picked up one of those before to add to my collection of hits, but that featured Ron Dayne. I didn't realize there was a 2/14 binder guy among that subset. These 8 cards put Drew Bledsoe at the 76 card plateau in the collection. That's good for third place, 5 behind Jim Kelly.
Because all these Steve McNair cards pushed him into the lead in the football portion with 91 total cards. That's the second lead switch in two days. I'm not sure if Ravens cards count as oddballs for him, but they always seem that way. The acetate NFL shield card is also /100. The quads horizontal card also has a leathery pigskin feel to it.

And there you have it! There's more non-2/14 cards that I'll get to in a later post. Dennis should keep his eyes on the mailbox, as I've dropped a pre-Expo mailer in that direction!

Monday, 23 April 2018

40 if by Sportlots

Usually, these are 4 if by sportlots, but once I passed the original 4 it wasn't really that much more expensive to climb the ladder. So, I kept climbing.
Starting off this envelope is another card in my attempt to collect at least one card of every Blue Jay who ever played one game for the team, and got a Jays card to go with it. Ray played a handful of games for them in 1991, and then a few more in '95 for the Cardinals and that's it. But this card in a Jays team set appears to be his only big league card.
Sure, this appears to be a card of a baseball player, but I think I'll add it to my hockey collection. My binders. My choice.
Three teams on one card! Montreal gear, Bruins uniform and listed for the Flyers. Variety!
Once the Rangers completed their run to the Memorial Cup finals, they weren't very good. Gallant was the highlight of those squads. He never made the NHL, but did carve out a nice career in Europe through the 00's.
CFL cards are always welcome rarities in the 2/14 binder. It is even better when it is my first representation of my favourite CFL club in the binder.
Random Canadian version of a card for the 2/14 binder.

And then, I got stupid. I had 6, and figured I might as well add some cards until I reached the next shipping level. Which was 10. So I added a few Milan Hejduks to the collection.

But the seller had a lot of Hejduks.

And 34 cards later, I reached the 40 card plateau.

I may have gone overboard. That shoots Hejduk into the overall lead in terms of total cards in the collection with 183, passing Marian Gaborik with 167.

But there you have it!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

2018 Adventures in Repacks - Part 15 - New Repack Type! And a 1:1773 hit!

Since it has been too long since I've busted a repack (it's always too long between repack busts), here's a new one that made an appearance on the shelves of Wally World. Whether you call it 15 packs, or 10 packs with 5 bonus packs, that's a lot of ripping. And these are the packs in question:

5 2013 Triple Play
3 2014 Prizm
1 2015 Stars and Stripes
1 2015 Elite
1 2016 Series 1
1 2017 Honus Bonus
3 2017 Series 1

And there was also a bonus Ohtani card contained within:
I guess unlicensed Ohtani is better than no Ohtani at all. Time to cover the rest of the packs chronologically.
I'm pretty blah on Triple Play, so here's the only PC card out of the 5 packs.
2014 Prizm was one of those sets that included some sort of starch in the packaging to make the packing out process easier. At least I landed something shiny in the first pack.
A die-cut insert in the second pack.
And a patriotic insert in the third. Despite the lack of licensing, that Reggie is a nice-looking card.
More patriotism from this Stars & Stripes set, including some cards of recognizable names in pre-MLB form.
Elite looks pretty dull, and I doubt even MLB licensing could make the base cards interesting.
2016 brought some inserts, including a new Votto for my CanCon collection and a Pressed Into Service insert I didn't already have. Plus there's another bat flip card. A good number of keepers from one pack!
Honus Bonus was there. At least I have some oddballs for the team collectors on my trade list.
And Series 1 from 2017. Inserts and parallels are always welcome, especially when they're new cards for my Blue Jays collection. And to Shoebox Legends, I've already looked. It is card #751, and that wasn't needed for the Frankenset.
This is a pretty good way to wrap up a repack post. A hit popped out of the 2017 pack, and it was actually the first pack I opened. I was kinda upset that I ended up starting with this pack, as I just knew it would be all downhill from here. The hit is even better when it is combined with a throwback uniform. If I'm reading the odds on the pack correctly, Salute autos fell at a rate of 1:1773 packs. What a great card to beat the odds with!

And there you have it! It is probably influenced by the hit, but I can see myself trying another one of these.

Saturday, 21 April 2018

More Comfort Food

When in doubt, bust some RA!
Since this is technically a base card, I'll lead with it. I was a magnet for cards of Drew Shore in 13-14, and that resumed with this box. I'd already pulled the prime parallel of this, so here's the regular version.
The Score Update inserts. Not that bad a group here with rookie cards of MacKinnon, Maatta and Pearson.
The second hit of the box is also of someone who is already playing overseas.
Prizm inserts. All but the shiny Kevan Miller were dupes.
But both of the Select cards were new.
And the Chaput has an interesting story on the back of the card. Yes, you can find images featuring his time with Clumbus.
2 autos of Darcy Kuemper posted in 3 days. At least this has been an effective way in starting a PC.
The final 2 hits were standalone ones that showed off the variety of sets covered in RA. It might only be a one-colour swatch, but at least it is of a decent player.
And your final hit is a darn good one. A relevant player. A four-colour prime swatch. There's an autograph to go with it, and I could even call this an ebay 1/1 as it is numbered 1/25. I won't do the latter, since that's idiotic. Plus, I'd rather keep this.

There you have it!

Friday, 20 April 2018

Thursday, 19 April 2018

2010 Between the Pipes - 2 Box Break - Box 2

The other box!
Usually I work my way down to the hits. Today, I'm leading with one. Why? This is a California Golden Seals relic. There are not many of these available. The only ones I could find are also of Gilles Meloche, all of which were in Between the Pipes releases. Despite some really great pulls in the Zenith and Champ's breaks, this might be my favourite from all of them.
Back to the inserts, and one that went through several 2010 ITG releases. This is part of the '100 Years of Collecting' set. Obviously, the goaltender portion of this ended up in BTP.
Here's another two Deep in the Crease inserts. Of these 8 players, only Leggio never played a game in the NHL. But he did get a rule named after him.
The Masked Men insert did get me my only Sens insert card from the two boxes.
And back to the hits. The black GUJ cards are the base of the bunch, but at least this is still a two-colour swatch. And red is always notable on a Rangers swatch.
The gold versions of the GUJ cards are limited to 10. This thick swatch definitely feels worthy of a card numbered to 10. This swatch is from an OHL Kingston Frontenacs jersey. Grubauer has been starting for the Washington Capitals on this playoff run. I'm writing this on Sunday, so maybe he'll have backstopped the Capitals to one of their frequent one-and-done runs.
More Gold! And it is a two-colour Hall of Famer swatch! Beautiful! Much like with red and a Rangers swatch, orange is always a nice rarity on an Oilers swatch.
My first auto. At least he's still in the league. I doubt I could have told you he's with the Coyotes now, though.
My other auto also falls into the Washington Capitals category, this time stretching back to the first year of the team's existence and a team that regularly tops lists of the worst NHL team ever. 21 points over a season off of a miserable 8-67-5 record will do that. But the signature is legible, and Low would hang around until the mid 80s in the NHL.

And there you have it!